Since 1959, the pastoral care of the Basilica is commended to priests of the Opus Dei.

The Statutes of the Prelature of the Opus Dei contemplate the possibility that, if it is convenient, through appropriate agreements between the Prelate and the local Bishop, the Prelature may assume the pastoral attention of a public church. The pastoral labour in these churches forms part of the diocesan pastoral labour according to the general guidelines of the local Bishop for churches run by secular clergy.
Never the less, the fundamental activity of the Opus Dei consists in the formation of the faithful of the prelature and of those persons who participate in the apostolates of the Work, so that they may be able to carry out-each one in his particular situation in the Church and in the world- a varied apostolic activity, supporting the evangelizing task of the pastors, and promoting in their surroundings the ideal of the universal call to sanctity.


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