1.- Acción solidaria San Miguel is an initiative of the Basílica Pontificia de San Miguel.

2.- Our initiative has its source of inspiration in the Social Doctrine of the Church. The activities of the Association respect the liberty of all, admit volunteers of which ever religious or philosophical conviction and attend to persons with out any distinction what so ever.

3.- The Association brings together volunteers that pledge to dedicate to the social actions a concrete amount of time and to carry out a concrete activity. This work is carried out with responsibility and professionalism, although, for its voluntary character, it is never remunerated. The activity carried out by the Association is a help that the volunteer receives in order to develope an attitude of service, which constitutes his principal contribution to social improvement.

4.- This Association offers a realistic help, without creating empty expectations. The most important benefit that it offers is the compony and that volunteers can give to needy and marginalised persons, helping them to resolve their problems together, with the support of the friendship of the volunteers. Only in exceptional cases is the help economic; never to concrete persons, but, rather, to institutions formed by professionals, that administer them adecuately.

5.- The labour of the Association is not based on isolated  actions of, but, rather, on many little pieces of help, that in the majority of cases are not noticed, but whose efficacy is obtained by the stability and the continuity of the service offered.

6.- Our group, aware of the fact that to serve others it is necessary to learn how to help them, provides the volunteers with the necessary formation so that they may be able to carry out their work with maximum efficacy.

7.- We collaborate -to the extent of our abilities- with all the institutions involved in social improvement, be they public or private. Given the voluntary nature of its membership, our voluntary cooperation always seeks to strengthen the labours of the professionals that work in that field.

8.- One of our aims is to spread within the society a culture of solidarity.