The preparatory courses for holy Matrimony that are imparted in the Pontifical Basilica of San Miguel are the official courses of the Archpriesthood of San Pedro el Real, in which the Basilica is located.

Each course consists of four sessions (of approximately one and a half hours each one), and a fifth session (final interview) that each couple agrees upon with the corresponding priest.

In case of inability to attend the four consecutive sessions of the same course, the participants can complete the missing ones in the next course.

It is necessary to register previously: it is sufficient to approach, a few days before the beginning of the sessions, the sacristy of the Basilica, where the participants are given the necessary materials and are shown where the classes take place.

The maximum capacity for each course is 60 couples.

The course is valid for which ever wedding-even if not celebrated in the Basilica-and the certificate that is given at the end does not expire.


Download here the calendar for the year 2017/18.


Books for the courses (Download here).